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  • Workshops

Workshops Creative and culinary workshops for adults


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Develop a new hobby during your holiday in Ibiza. Come and enjoy our workshops, especially designed for you.

  • Cooking class

    Cooking class

    Do you want to make the best gin and tonics in town? At the IBEROSTAR Santa Eulalia we can give you a few tips in our cocktail making master classes. You can also unveil a few cuisine d’auteur secrets of in our cooking classes as you enjoy using fresh ingredients.

  • Wine tasting

    Wine tasting

    A relaxing activity, indeed. And there is more: you can learn how to make Ibiza’s traditional liqueur, Hierbas Ibicencas, and bring a self-made souvenir back home. And if you prefer to taste rather than make, sign up for wine tasting and take a tour of our most typical wines.

  • <p>Do It Yourself</p>

    Do It Yourself

    If you prefer DIY, you can choose soap making, facial masks, bonsais or origami. No room for boredom at the IBEROSTAR Santa Eulalia!


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